Currently available in both an original and travel friendly version here is Virginutty's best-selling Makeup Melt coconut oil cleanser. 


This natural beauty balm effectively melts cosmetics, leaving skin radiantly cleansed.


The coconut oil cuts through makeup grease, softens keratin caps in pores and dissolves hardened sebum, preparing skin for face wash and toning regimes.


  • Dissolves cosmetics in seconds

  • Kind to and safe to use on skin

  • Leaves skin radiant and dewy

  • Natural oil breaks down makeup safely

  • Can also be used as moisturiser

  • Deeply nourishes skin and lips

  • Conditions eyebrows and eyelashes

  • Smells deliciously coconutty

Makeup Melt

  • Warm a small amount between your hands. Massage thoroughly onto your face, being gentle around the eyes. Wipe away excess and follow with face wash.