Rosemary, Tea Tree & Peppermint

A minty fresh pick-me-up in a jar! This moisturising salt scrub is full of punchy essential oils like peppermint and tea tree to wake up your skin and leave with a glow that lasts all day.
Top tip - this scrub can also be used as a great scalp exfoliant to help remove product buildup and soothe dry, itchy scalps!

  • SALTS - Fine-milled Himalayan rock salt and Dead Sea salt.
  • BOTANICALS - Tea tree oil is said to have antibacterical properties, while peppermint cools skin - perfect for anyone who needs a refresh!


Cinnamon, Vanilla & Nutmeg 

With soft notes of vanilla, spicy nutmeg and cinnamon, once you've scrubbed with this you'll be left feeling soft and smelling like the absolute snack you are. Smooth skin awaits you!

  • SALTS - Pink Himalayan rock salt and Dead Sea salt will leave you feeling silky and soft and totally ready for your pjs!
  • BOTANICALS - Cinnamon and nutmeg mix with sweet vanilla and moisturising jojoba oil to leave you perfectly pampered.



Ginger, Cardamom, Lime & Black Pepper

With punchy ginger and lime and plenty of moisturising oils, this scrub's got serious strength - just like you. Go get it, you!

  • SALTS - Dead Sea Salt exfoliates and helps your skin absorb all the moisture from the scrub's oils.
  • BOTANICALS - Almond and jojoba oils hydrate your skin, while ginger and lime mix with spicy cardamom to give you a serious boost!



Cruelty-free, vegan & zero waste

Body Scrubs

  • It’s time to get seriously smooth!

    With moisturising oils, exfoliating salts and blends of essential oils, Salt+Steam's body scrubs are the best way to get hydrated, soft, healthy skin!

    Give your scrub a stir before use (this is an all-natural product, so sometimes the oils can settle at the bottom). Time to drop your clothes and get into your bath or shower!

    Smooth over wet skin and rub gently in circular motions to exfoliate your body before rinsing off.

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