The perfect recipe for a great night's sleep...


A relaxing bath salt blend with lavender and frankincense essential oils to calm the mind and body.


Relax in a mineral rich bath infused with soothing lavender and frankincense as part of your wind down routine, to prepare for a blissful night's sleep.  Follow up by massaging Sleepy Head beauty balm all over your body. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of Lavender and Frankincense and the healing Hemp and Shea butter.



Sleepy Head Bath Salts - 100g (rrp £7)

Pour a generous handful to warm running water, fill tub to desired level, relax for a long soak.


Sleepy Head Balm - 15g (rrp £6)

With clean fingertips, massage into your wrists and temples, breathe in deeply to help relax the mind and prepare you for a blissful night’s sleep. Can be applied as often as required and is suitable for use anywhere on the face and body. Especially good massaged into dry, cracked skin for a hydrating boost.


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