What’s up 2019?

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Hello and WELCOME to our first official blog entry of the year 2019 everyone! (woop woop)

To be honest, I’m not too sure what I wanted to talk about in this entry.

The initial intention was to create an interactive post that would wish everyone a Happy New Year, but now that that’s done, I’m left pondering what else can be talked about as it would seem a bit short just leaving it here and the only thing for you to really respond would be either –

1. “Happy New Year too!” or

2. “I’m sorry mate, but it’s almost the middle of January, it’s hardly shiny and new anymore!”


I suppose it wouldn’t matter if I had started a conversation about #Veganuary, #Januhairy or #DryJanuary as I would have already achieved what I had set out to do by opening a dialogue with you - our current and new friends/followers!

Gosh, doesn’t the word follower sound stalkerish? *Thinking face*

Speaking of, Papa Panda and I have just finished season 1 of the series YOU on Netflix and so the word follower is a bit sensitive at the Panda residence at the moment – ha, Just kidding! Just don’t whatever you do, don’t ring bicycle bells for no reason or turn up to our home blindfolded because that would genuinely mess with Papa’s emotions. Ha! I kid again, *covers eyes with blindfold*

But seriously, can you guess what movie I’m referencing to in that last paragraph?

#IfYouKnowYouKnow - Leave us a comment if you do! :)

I’ve got to be really honest with you all though, I always find it a bit difficult writing a blog entry especially when I’ve had a little break away from the PC so forgive me if things may seem a bit rusty. We're aiming to produce a number of entries this year touching upon a variety of topics so please stay tuned!

Thank YOU and cheers to a new year!

until next time,

and the #PandaFamily

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