TLP4MFUK: Part 1

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Part 1: Three Little Pandas go to The Philippines

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog so apologies if you have been following us and wondering why there has been such a gap since our last entry…

Three real Little Pandas with the students and their teachers/school staff

The Panda Family have been on vacation over the Easter break and we have much to get you up to speed on – hence the Part 1 header to this “short story”.

At the end of March, we packed up our gear and put all orders on hold for a couple of weeks so we could visit our beloved family and friends back “home” in The Philippines! EXCITING!!!

Mama, Shayne and Sienna Panda hadn’t been back since 2012 and so it was definitely a momentous occasion for us to go back and introduce #TheBenji and Papa Panda to everyone.

Although we were nervous about how our 2 year old would take to such a long flight, surprisingly all 3 kids were brilliant! *Thank y you HK airport for providing us parents with a play area for the kids to go wild and tire themselves out during our stop over! (ha!) - Papa Panda @theuncooldad is ready and rearing to go to blog about our journey in depth so do keep your eyes peeled for that one as he has a funny way with words (click here for his blog).

With Adelia Gwiazda one of the co-founders of Mabuhay Foundation UK – aka Lola Panda

Anyway, whilst we were overseas we took part in distributing school backpacks containing stationery items to kids in the province, many of which cannot afford to fund such basic items themselves.

How we did this? Over the past few months we have been dedicating our time to spreading awareness and funds for Mabuhay Foundation UK by hosting a very special raffle fundraiser – a non-profit voluntary charity that helps those most needy in The Philippines. To read more about the charity and take part in our efforts to make a change in the lives of those who could use a helping hand, please make a donation by entering our raffle. Tickets are just £2 a ticket or 6 for £10. Please click the link to also be in for a chance of winning 41 one of our amazing prizes, kindly donated from some amazing businesses both big and small!

Saying Grace before lunch

In part 2 of this series of entries, we will be shouting out all the said businesses who have taken part in creating our prize list – but in advance we would like to say a massive thank you to all of you for really putting a smile on these innocent children’s faces.

Til next time… 😊

#ThreeLittlePandas #TeamPanda #PandaFamily #MotherIsLove

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