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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Hi! *she types whilst blowing the dust off her keyboard*

Feels like forever since I last wrote an entry so forgive me if I may seem a little bit rusty!

If you’re new to the Panda Party, WELCOME! We are stoked to have you join our journey.

If you’ve been following us right from the start, BIG HUG! THANK YOU for being “LOYAL BOO” (sorry, poor choice of love island reference but had to be done). Also, you may have noticed that, yep, we finally did it.. our website is now LIVE, shop is up and running again and we have a brand-new look!

For this we’d like to thank the amazing Elizabeth Barrett from @ebcodesign whom we worked closely with to get our fancy 80s theme translated perfectly! A super thanks to Michelle Trotter @scrittouk for being a massive help with the overall set up of the site and Karly Elizabeth for not hating me when I’ve asked her to lend a hand on the things I really should know how to do but just couldn’t at the time – thank you so much for being patient with me!

I mentioned in previous entries that I’ve been finding it difficult juggling all aspects of the business lately and these wonderful ladies really came to my rescue and deserve the shout and praise.

When we initially launched Three Little Pandas, back in 2016, we did it with a simple, clean, monochrome vibe in mind. I loved it. Yet, since I turned 30 last year (which makes me a late “80s baby”) I found myself in a situation where I was doing a lot of self-reflection. (Is this “a thing“ when you turn 30? – let me know, leave us a comment, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts)

Anyway, I was becoming very overwhelmed by the juggle of everything that I decided to take a break from the business, focus my attention on the back of house duties and return with something fresh and exciting. Lo and behold, we finally did it. Whilst listening to a crap load of 80s classics courtesy of Papa Panda (he’s such a cheeseball) we’d find ourselves bouncing around the house with so much energy. We’d dance to tracks ridiculously but have so much fun whilst doing so. It was then that I realised THIS is the feels I want to send out with this brand. Yes, Panda is black and white but they have such a colourful personality and I hope our new look portrays our Panda Family too.

We hope you like and stay tuned for our up and coming projects!

All my Love

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