Thank you teacher!

It's officially July! Which means not only are the summer holidays fast approaching but it's the end of yet another school year! (well that went fast, right?!)

Our eldest panda will be entering year 9, daughter will be moving to a new school to start her first year in secondary school and our youngest entering year 2. (seriously, where does the time go?)

The home-schooling days are no more and though it was a challenge at first I must admit that looking back it was an experience I doubt any of us would forget and will eventually come to treasure if not so already. (I do miss having the kids around and learning all over again with them but not enough to do it again or full time - ha!) #teacherappreciation

It is definitely worth mentioning that without our teachers, our children wouldn't be the people they are today. They say it takes a village to raise a child... being at school, seeing friends, being taught by their teachers and being in the presence of all staff has an impact to any child's development. It's a team effort! With all of the challenges we've faced over the past couple of years I personally feel blessed and forever grateful to the teachers and staff at our children's school as they have committed themselves entirely for the benefit of their pupils and still maintained a high level of support and understanding to each child. They are actual superhumans and deserve recognition and credit!

Gift-giving to our teachers - especially at the end of each academic year has become a ritual for us. It's our way of showing our appreciation, no matter how small.. it's the gesture that counts (even if it is a thank you email!)

SO... If you are looking for some gift ideas for your Sirs and Missuses, we've created this little gift guide to make it a little easier.

Self-care items I like to believe always go down a treat. Not the kind of toiletries that people gift and then are never used (often stored at the back of bathroom cupboards) but the kind that you like to use over and over again because of the beneficial impact to your physical and in turn mental wellbeing. From skincare to accessories, we've got you covered. Our tote bags make the perfect little shopper or transportation for books from home to school and vice versa. We have a Face spray that is ideal for when needing that extra refreshing wake up nudge and rehydration, skin drink to help repair dry or cracked skin from all of that extra handwashing. We now even have hand made scrunchies that have been lovingly made using natural dyeing methods and fabrics, a beautiful to way to tie up long locks during school hours. P.S. our Tobacco and Vanilla scented candles are proving popular as a gift for "him".

COmplimentary greetings card

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Here are some ready made gift-sets we have created...

Better sleep set

For all those late nights marking papers and preparing classwork... the better sleep set includes Made by Coopers bath salts and a soothing sleepy balm.

Vegan friendly, cruelty-free and packed with natural ingredients to help gain a better quality of sleep.

Himalayan salt candle set

Set a warm and relaxing atmosphere for your much needed me time at home (because we appreciate the hours you spent at school and want you to enjoy more relaxation in your own space)... Our Himalayan salt candle set includes 6pcs scented soy wax tealights and a Himalayan salt candle holder.

Available in a range of different fragrances - additional tealights can also be bought separately to candle holder here.

makeup remover set

For the teachers who enjoy teaching art as well as painting faces, the makeup remover set is a great alternative for the eco-conscious. Swap disposable pads for these reusable and washable pads and enjoy the natural properties of coconut nucifera - a perfect combination for makeup removal.

Included in the set is 1x 60ml pot of Virginutty make up melt, 1x set of 16 reusable makeup pads and cotton wash bag, as well as a glass amber jar which can be used for storing clean makeup pads or other cosmetics such as bath salts etc. - whatever you like!

These are just a few of our current favourite gift items but if you browse our shop and drop us a message in the notes section at checkout we can create a gift box your teacher would love with a combination of items of your choosing.

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Any questions? Send us a message.. we've got you!

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