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Living in the heart of London we (the Panda family) have grown accustomed to the busy city life. Sure, it can be chaotic and sometimes feel a bit too fast paced but I don’t think we could imagine ourselves living elsewhere (yet).

The sense of community spirit is and always has been strong. However, it has also been noticed that the lengthened collective patience has been tested. There have been times where we have encountered or witnessed moments of hostility/heightened anxiety and “social awkwardness” as I like to call it.

One of the perks that we have embraced during this period is the slower pace. Having more time to connect with people, growing with moments of reflection and enjoying expressing our gratitude!

SO, thank you to all our keyworkers for doing your important bit as we try to continue contributing our small part during this time.

Raising awareness...

Three Little Pandas is 4 years old this month. We have taken breaks from the business throughout that period but each time returning with a warm welcome from you (our friends!).

Aside from our gift shop and blog, one of our biggest privileges has been working alongside charities, giving back to the community and those in need (e.g. raising funds for PANDAS UK, hosting a charity raffle for underprivileged children in the Philippines and taking part in a panel discussion for international women’s day with What You Do Matters).

What is awareables?

By chance, I came across awareables through a Facebook group I have been following for the Covent Garden and Holborn community. – I am part of a few groups on Facebook so sometimes miss out on the latest news however it does genuinely feel like there was a sense of “it was meant to be”/vibe that lured me into finding out more about them.

These wearable-awareness labels display your personal circumstances and 100% of profits go to charity.

After learning this and totally loving the designs (win win) we made our pledge and bought a few for when we go out as a family (which is so rare – worked it out to once a week on average) and for our essential shopping trips.

Henry, Founder and designer of awareables was kind enough to reply to my random Facebook message and all I can say right now is sure, sometimes social media can be a massive distraction and well known for some of its flaws however it has also been a source for positive associations like bringing people together! And here it is! A new way of doing things for us we welcome you to read our brief interview with Henry!

What was your occupation/profession before lockdown?

I’m a graphic designer by trade and seeing so many people’s charitable efforts arising, I wanted to do something with my skills.

What made you come up with the idea of producing these labels?

I experienced and witnessed increasing levels of hostilities surrounding people’s movements under the quarantine measures and wanted to make something to combat this behaviour to ensure everyone realise that the majority of the journeys we are making as within the parameters of quarantine guidelines. This is where the idea for awareables came from to produce visual wearable awareness about our actions so that the public would respond reasonably and leave judgement at home.

How are you generally doing (feeling) during lockdown?

I think we’re at that point in lockdown where spirits are beginning to run lower and the media (not so much the government) have been dangling a carrot in front of us about relaxing the rules and I think that has made a lot of people dangerously restless.

I think it would be for the better that we see this through for the long run and the thought of being headstrong and doing my part and being responsible is what keeps me strong. I think pride in our actions can bring peoples’ spirits back up.

Name one thing you have been doing to maintain your mental health?

Staying sane hasn’t been too difficult, I’ve had a lot going on in the background.

Awareables has kept me very busy and I’ve got a house purchase going on in the background amongst full time work, so my hours are occupied. I’ve surprisingly really enjoyed sorting through all my belongings in spare time to declutter… Perhaps I find it therapeutic!

- - -

Totally feel you on the decluttering front Henry (Tre therapeutic! #KonMari followers put your hands up! Ha!) and agree to several points you’ve made.

The part about being headstrong, doing your part and feeling responsible is something that resonates with myself and I couldn’t be more grateful for you taking the time out of what sounds a very busy schedule and giving us your honest thoughts and answers for perhaps an untraditional interview. – we wish you the best of luck in the future and Thank you again!

Dear readers, if you would like to make a contribution to charity, raise awareness for awareables as a humble and positive movement you can learn more and shop the labels via

Please feel free to follow on social media channels Instagram and/or Facebook!

Henry was kind enough to send us an extra sheet of combined labels to which we would love to continue our mindset of giving back, so please stay tuned to our own social channels @threelittlepandas.tlp and Facebook page where we will be offering a sheet in exchange for you to help spread awareness for this fantastic movement.

Now, can anyone tell me if it is inappropriate to put a label on our toilet door and apply social distancing at home so a mother can pee in peace? LOL

Thank you all for reading and until next blog,

Stay safe,

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