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Updated: Sep 19, 2020


Four years ago, I wrote our first blog entry introducing Three Little Pandas as a London based children’s lifestyle brand.

(you can read the full article here)

Since then, much has changed - we underwent a re-brand to express more of our colourful personality and reflecting the 80s vibes that inspire us daily - you can catch us unashamedly mum and dad dancing on our insta stories from time to time.

One thing that hasn't changed is our ethics and appreciation for organic, naturally made products that benefit your physical and mental well-being. So the re-brand has also become an opportunity for the TLP gift shop to take on a more ethical stance for (new) parents and their “little pandas”.

We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing independent businesses, offering their products to our customer and followers alongside our own TLP (Three Little Pandas) items which we will continue to do.

Below are some of our current bestsellers with a brief explanation as to why we love them and why we decided to stock them in our webshop:

Skin drink by Virginutty

Virginutty is a coconut oil brand dedicated to natural skincare. Based in London with fair trade Philippine origins, it is a brand that instantly stood out to us (as members of the TLP family are too from Philippine origins).

Papa Panda and our little pandas often have dry skin/eczema flare ups and after trying lots of different skincare products in the past, we always remain very open-minded to trying new things. We decided to put the “skin drink” to the test and soon realised how different the results would be from products we’ve used previously.

Truth be told, Papa continues using a mixture of skincare products (some medicated from his GP) however me and the littles’ skincare routine is centred on the skin drink. More recently during the lockdown (and with the frequent handwashing) we were all experiencing dry and cracked hands.

Before, during and after photos of our littlest panda Benji below:

Skin drink came to the rescue and it was when posting these photos on our insta stories did we notice a jump in sales. We weren’t surprised to receive similar experiences and reviews from our customers however we were and continue to be over the moon whenever we hear/see how much it has helped them.

Made by Coopers bath salts and relaxation/refreshing kits

We decided to stock these bath salts for the same reason that we first bought from Made by Coopers as a customer - looking for natural skincare products with no nasties initially to help Papa with his skin. To this day Vanilla Rose remains Papa’s favourite (yes, he takes weekly baths – Daddies need “me time” too!) whereas I’m partial to the Eucalyptus & Rosemary, especially on a day when I’ve constantly been on my feet. Both bath salt mixtures contain Himalayan salt and various other ingredients that promote relaxation – something all adults (not just parents) need.

For those who are familiar with my personal story, as a mum of three with an underlying yet (still) undiagnosed health condition (yep, the docs are still working on it after all these years) sleep has always been a challenging topic. I have suffered tremendously from night seizures, constant headaches and migraines however after being prescribed new meds and before finding one that helped, getting my daith piercing and ritually using my eye pillow, sleepy head balm and atmosphere mist (also by Made by Coopers) – sleep has been less of a challenge and more of a dream. Mind you, I have been having CRAZY dreams lately – but I’ll leave that for next blog – ha! (stay tuned)

TLP Sweatshirts

Earlier this year we reintroduced our little panda character with our panda sweatshirts for kids. To minimise waste and our impact to the environment, we have always sourced our garments from ethical and fair-trade suppliers, using only the best cotton blend materials and producing each “line” in small quantities. We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing embroiderers and printers who share the same ethics as we do toward people and the environment. Our sweatshirts are currently on SALE and you can purchase them in grey or black.

Mother is Love tote bags

We believe that "Our Mother Is Love" reusable tote bags are a perfect gift for a new mum -  the majority of this collection is screen printed using water based inks with our embroidered version (above in lilac) adds a touch of elegance.

You simply can’t have too many bags. Not only are they practical – you can carry your hand sanitiser, kids nappies, reading book, laptop, bottles, teapot, food shopping, whatever you like in it then fold it away afterwards until the next time you need it - but they come in a variety of colourways to suit your personality/vibe...

Which one will you go for?

We are excited to be quietly working hard behind the scenes on new TLP products, but also continue to juggle the art of parenthood. We try to portray our real family experience which you can continue following right here on our blog and on our Instagram.

To sum it up:

Welcome back to Three Little Pandas.

In our gift shop you will find lots of gift ideas of an organic and ethically made nature for new parents and their kids (little pandas) which promote a healthy approach to maintaining physical and mental well-being.

We also like to portray an honest picture of what family life in central London is like for us.

We enjoy sharing real experiences with people and connecting with those who share both similar and different values to our own.

We live by many “mottos”: be kind to others, be kind to the environment, have fun, relax, and look after yourself – always...

Until next time care, see you soon and thank you for reading!

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