PANDAS Foundation UK Raffle

On the 12th of November, Three Little Pandas hosted our very first raffle on Instagram and Facebook and who better than to do it in aid of The PANDAS Foundation UK – NOT relative to the animal but a charity that gives support to individuals and their families coping with a pre and post-natal mental illnesses.

We teamed up with 21 fantastic brands, each of us donating a product towards THE GRAND PRIZE.

The concept was pretty simple – make a donation and for each £5 increment you would be given an entry for the draw with donations collected through a dedicated fundraising page.

The raffle ended on the 21st of November and we announced our lucky winner via Instagram and Facebook on the 22nd November – Congratulations to Kerry Simpson!!

Being our first ever raffle, I must admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We set our target low and felt so proud to announce that we had smashed it by raising £296.25 in the space of a little over a week!

Raising money for this fantastic charity was one thing but the way that our lovely followers were taking to the cause by spreading the message of #itsoknottobeok was another. PND (post-natal depression) is almost looked upon as a taboo subject and a major part of our aim was to help break this chain and help those suffering in silence by spreading awareness.

Team Panda would like to say a massive thank you to @thislakshmi, @osotwee, @sweetlittletinkers, @gingerjeans, @kokoso_baby, @mother_like_no_other, @bee_minor_, @little_chipmunks_, @jennywrencraft, @andersandboo, @twinkletoes.est15, @indie_styles_, @koya_kidzclothing, @baby_dee_and_me, @wildchicboutique, @hushaby_and_quirks,, @rubyandmoo_, @rueybearbaby, @rip_rap_clothing and @nomoreshoulds for being so generous in not only donating toward the grand prize but for taking time out to help fundraise and spread the message of this amazing cause. It was such a pleasure working with you all! You can find them on Instagram by the above names. Make sure you give them a follow!

On one of my previous posts on our Insta, I opened up a little and explained how I personally suffered from depression after giving birth to each one of my children. To be completely honest, it’s hard to pin point whether it was a post-natal depression or a depression in general but what I DO KNOW is that support was a big, BIG thing for me. I was lucky and blessed to have the support system that I did have. Raising funds for a charity dedicated to helping those who were and are in the same situation as I but have no one to turn to just naturally made sense.

SO… AGAIN I say thank you to each and every one of you who donated and got involved in some way, shape or form. You really have helped turned someone’s life around and there just aren’t enough words to explain Team Panda’s gratitude to you all!

If you would like to read and learn more about the work PANDAS do and/or would like to make a donation, please check them out

Mama Panda’s final words?

Don’t be too proud to ask for help. It’s only natural to sometimes have your low days and #itsoknottobeok! As mamas we should stick together and empower each other. Raising little humans is a 24 hour job but don’t forget to give yourself some credit and enjoy a bit of “me time”. Your health and happiness is paramount when raising the future.

Til next blog.

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