International Women's Day 2019

Written by Papa Panda (@theuncooldad).

Here I am, writing a quick post about International Women’s day with a million and one things to write and the inability to choose which would be appropriate. I think the best place to start is why am I, a man (seems like a dirty word today haha, kidding) writing a piece on IWD for Three Little Pandas? The answer is quite simple: Mama Panda made me do it. All jokes aside, the reason that I am writing this piece is that being a father of daughters and an uncle of a niece, I worry sometimes. It’s an innate reaction I suppose in that I always worry about my girls more than I do my boys. Is that me being sexist and assuming that they’re more vulnerable? Or is that because I have an idea of what our male-dominated society is like, and what some men can be like? And do I need to believe more in the strength of their femininity? (Even though Sienna is more of a boy than all of the kids lol). The truth is, as familiar as I am of the plights and inequalities that women have faced through the times since long before my strong, beautiful mother pushed me out so forcefully that the doctor dropped me onto the floor, (including but not limited to denied rights of vote, gender pay gaps, workplace inequalities, to some even being subjected to a certain American president with bad hair saying he grabbed them in a certain crude and offensive way to merely name a few), I wasn’t aware of the details of what International Women’s Day really was about. Can you imagine that? In 2019, an adult man not knowing the true relevance of IWD? Madness. Yes, IWD is a day to reflect on what the women of our world have been through throughout history. But more importantly, to celebrate the achievements that they have made throughout the hardships. And even closer to home, just appreciating the females (adult and children) who play important roles in us men’s lives. In case you aren’t aware of what IWD is about, it is the Global celebration of social, economic and political achievements of women, championing Women’s rights, female empowerment and gender equality. I pulled that straight from The Guardian YouTube channel

There is still a way to go with regards to gender equality and women’s rights (imagine, women in Saudi Arabia were only allowed to drive cars from last year!). You cannot expect the world to change overnight. It’s important to understand that things might be a little more difficult for our girls compared to our boys, but to accept an inequality of rights is just as bad as supporting the inequality yourself. But just for a moment, envision that if each mind that perceives the universe were a universe in itself, imagine what we could change if we become the change that we want to see? Wouldn’t the world become amazing?

Happy International Women’s day!

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