Halloween is almost here, a time where we can have fun terrorising our children and not feeling bad about it. Ok ok, it's an excuse to dress up ridiculously with our munchkins and spend time bonding with them before Christmas.

Here at Panda HQ, we thought we'd mix things up a bit this year. Alongside the website rebranding, a new, additional direction that we've decided to take TLP in is to put more of an emphasis on community and in this instance, the small businesses community.

Warning, Halloween clichés ahead.

On Friday 26th (unfortunately not Friday 13th), the amazing Mama Panda held a Halloween event to showcase some awesome small businesses by bringing together a handful of young, wonderful little frighters for some face-painting fun and hair-styling then creating a Halloween scene with spooky decorations for them to model some gorgeous pieces in from some brands that you should definitely check out!

Once the children were all (voodoo) -dolled up, they took to the streets of Chinatown where photographer extraordinaire Ari captured their frighteningly cute likenesses like a ghostbuster with a ghost-trap. The results were nothing short of stunning.

After braving the cold, the children were led back inside where they were treated to ghoulishly good cupcakes adorned with magically sparkling cake toppers, alongside jars of milk haunted with ghostly decals whilst surrounded by eye-catchingly awesome irridescent skeleton garlands. All of this, set within the newly opened Mamasons Dirty Icecream in Chinatown.

The kids really enjoyed themselves, the parents had a cackle socialising and we caught some amazing shots of the products that we set out to showcase. Jump over to our Instagram page to have a look at the visuals, and don't forget to give these brands a follow whilst you're at it!

At the end of the event when Mamasons opened for trading, they gave us w'eerie'-eyed parent some ube doughnuts which we smashed off like werewolves on a full-moon. A sweet way to end the event.

Special thanks to

Photographer - @ari55

Venue - @mamasonsdirtyicecream

Cupcakes - @kamikobakes

Cupcake Toppers - @ashare_designs

Garlands - @atria_decor

Vinyls for jars & Treat bags - @andersandboo

Hair accessories - @miimiicici

Hair stylist - @abiabiabiiii

Face painter - @thegltrbox

Dolls & Sienna cape - @rosiegirllondon

Bib & Booties - @babberted

Halloween T-shirts - @joshandai

Panda T-shirts & Sweatshirts - @threelittlepandas.tlp

Hope you have a fantastic Halloween and let us know if you’d like to see/take part in a Christmas shoot!

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