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As I sit in the waiting room eagerly listening for my name to be called for admission and with Papa Panda sat keeping me company, but doing some work bits on his gadget I start writing this blog...

It's a big day for me.

2016 I had my heart monitor implanted and TODAY the device is getting removed.

Yay to more space on my bedside shelf!

Feel like I've been waiting for this day for so long and the lead up to it has definitely been a roller-coaster of emotion.

I was just telling Papa how nervous I actually feel. I have such a dislike toward operations no matter how major or minor, it's a trigger of anxiety for me. I believe my love/mostly hate relationship with hospitals stems back to when I had my first son and had to be put under general anaesthetic for him to be delivered via emergency C-section.

If you've read my birth stories with each of my 3 children you'd probably have a better idea of what I mean about not having the best of experiences when it comes to hospitals too.

But before I go off on a tangent, back to the topic of "discussion".

oh wait... Pressing the Pause button - My name has just been called.

Resume -

We've now been moved to a day room. Been given my hospital number/name tag and waiting on a chair with the number 7 over it.

Lucky number 7? I hope so

The nurse who checked me in is a nice guy. Said my surname correctly too which is a rather nice surprise as not many seem to pronounce it right. Unfortunately he said he's not the nurse that will be dealing with me today which is a bit of a shame as he had all the jokes this morning. Papa even had a chuckle (which isn't easy to achieve so early in the morning unless you know him - we got here at 7.30am).

Although the ice has been broken I'm still feeling nervous. I have an intolerance to anaesthetic (break out in itchy rashes) so they've said they need to put in a canula (eek) to administer some drugs to prevent the reaction. Ironically I've got tattoos but find needles and getting my blood drawn really uncomfortable. Some people think I'm silly for that but I'm pretty certain I'm not the only one who feels such a way (let me know if you're one of these people in the comments section, haha).



I've now been asked to change into the proper attire and foot game is looking pretty strong next to Papa.

The Doctor that will be doing the procedure has come and introduced himself. Apparently I'm second on the list which is cool (could be out by lunch time after all)!

He said it can take anywhere between 2-30mins but by the sounds of it could be on the shorter period - which has put me at a bit more ease.

I'm going to come back to finish this blog so I can get my prep on but will hand over to the sir for switch up on perspective!

Shoe/Sock game strong

PAPA PAnda says...

Been doing Instagram posts all morning and thinking about what I want to eat for lunch. This weekend gone has been such a fail for my diet.

Anyway, Rufina's all dressed and ready to go!

They've given her TWO gowns to wear... One forwards and one backwards! She looks comfortable. I wonder if it's as comfortable if you do that with underpants *thinking face.

Rufina had a canula (isn't that a type of oil?) put in by a lovely nurse. Cracked some jokes with her. Bants!

They just moved us to the waiting area and gave Rufina some anti-allergy and anti-inflamatory meds.

I think she's nervous but all I can think about is that her socks that they've given her don't have a heel contour and it's driving me mad lol.

OK she's gone in and they've kicked me out into the waiting area. Fingers crossed...


It's me again (Mama P), and the procedure went well. All the staff have been super attentive and reassuring, I seriously couldn't fault anything about how things have gone since our arrival.

Took a bit longer than expected but the results are what we wanted and that's the main thing! :)

I'm feeling a massive sense of relief right now.

It's the end of my Cardiology journey which has been a process.

Thank You St. Bart's!

I'm grateful that my ticker is happy but can't help but still feel a bit like I'm in limbo with more tests to come with Neurology. Hoping we get the diagnosis soon *everything crossed.

One thing at a time eh?

Until next time...

All my Love

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