Itroducing TLP Floating Panda Blankets!

Introducing Three Little Pandas "Floating Panda" blanket in collaboration with Sweet Little Tinkers

SO… here I’ve done a cheeky and copied and pasted from this super mama’s page – YES I know!… slightly lazy of me you could say BUT I wanted to paint you an accurate picture of what Louise Simpson – The mother of @three.little.tinkers and creator of Sweet Little Tinkers is all about.

After I had my son Lucas in 2010 I desperately wanted to be the one to spend time with him all day watching him grow and ticking off all those magical milestones the idea that someone else would spend the day stealing all his beautiful smiles whilst I was stuck at work was just too much. So when my maternity leave finished I took a job in a bar so I could just work in the evenings when he was sleeping. Unfortunately, the recession hit and I was made redundant and needed to come up with a plan. I registered as self-employed to a small business course and started designing tattoo flash for a local shop. It wasn’t long after this that I decided to have a bash at making a novelty cake for my friend when her daughter turned one. Over the next year or so I honed this craft and earned my living making wedding and celebration cakes and enjoyed this up until I fell pregnant and rather sick (again) with our Lilypops. I did a few jobs during pregnancy and jumped right in to the queue of cake orders I had waiting after she was born, but also started looking for something else to turn my hand to as the cake schedule could be very intense, by the time the February came around and I was doing my first wedding cake of the year I realised I had to focus on Sweet little tinkers the stress and pressure with a five month old baby was simply too much.
I had always been creative – following in my mother’s footsteps – and now was the time to kick things up a gear! I found the outlet/lifeline I needed on Instagram and Sweet Little Tinkers was born. I have found an incredible network of shop small advocates and other mums hustling to stay at home with their little people. I love sharing our lives and work with all of you, growing and learning together making each other stronger and bouncing ideas around like there’s no tomorrow we have some incredibly exciting things on the horizon so keep watching this space.

Pretty inspiring, right? Now, getting back to the point of this beautiful introduction…

I don’t know about you, but for me after giving birth to my “Three Little Pandas” I felt like I had become socially awkward.

It was as if I was in my own mama bubble and forgot how to engage in adult conversation, whether it be with a family member, close friend, or complete stranger… I was just awkward! I know it’s natural to get caught up in family life and raising the kids and going to work and all of the housework and all of the etcs. BUT it’s not natural or right that you lose yourself.

If you missed out on our last blog, I briefly mentioned how and why I put my “dream” or “dream job/career” on hold to raise my beautiful blessings. To be honest, being a parent is very time consuming in itself and I really don’t know how all these mamas do it! However, in saying that, my eyes feel like that they’ve opened for the very first time. When I felt brave enough to step out of my mama bubble and comfort zone (with the help of our Papa Panda) and Three Little Pandas went live on Instagram and Facebook, I started seeing ALL of these fabulous shops and meeting all of these lovely mothers with their very own small businesses. It was jaw dropping! Where had I been all this time?

I stumbled across Sweet Little Tinkers on Instagram and instantly fell in love.

Their ethics, their designs, their products, their quality was just ace and it felt stupid not to say a little hello! It was from there I realised the creator of it all was yes, an actual human being and fellow mother. One that many conversations later got me realising that I CAN DO THIS.

Now, support comes in different shapes and forms and oddly, though we haven’t met in person (yet!) this lady has pepped talked me and I’ve been able to relate to her in so many ways.

With that being said… It is with great pleasure to announce that we are working in collaboration with her and I introduce to you TLP’s Floating Panda ORGANIC Blankets!

Thank you so much Louise for being so kind, honest and hardworking. I look forward to what the future holds for the both of us and can’t wait for our Little Pandas and Little Tinkers to meet!

Thank you all for reading and we hope you enjoy our snuggly blankets!

Until next blog….

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