Halloween: Last Minute DIY

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Last year Papa Panda and I took our Three Little Pandas trick or treating with a bunch of their school friends for Halloween.

Of all the years that we’ve lived in Central London, could you believe it was actually the FIRST time we had taken them trick or treating around our local area?

It was a nice little experience for us all (both kids and parents) as we didn’t know what to expect!

Papa Panda getting involved (Benji not looking very impressed - ha!)

Papa did a little vlog for us to remember the occasion...

What isn’t mentioned in the video however is HOW LAST MINUTE we were in organising the kids costumes for the evening.

Sienna and Shayne "Treat Ready"

What we did to create a SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE look

All we had to work with was

  • Black and white facepaint for a Spooktacular face

  • Wax and hairspray to create messy hair

  • Dark clothing and costumes from the previous year which were handed down amongst the siblings.

  • Sainsbury’s bags turned inside out which we taped a piece of paper saying “TREAT ME” onto

We totally fluked it but totally made what we had work - or at least we think so anyway ;)

Find a cool wall for added effect and you're #winning

This year for Halloween we’ve decided to do something a bit different.

We’ve planned a fun little Halloween-themed styling shoot for our Pandas and a few of our friends to enjoy.

With this, we have an amazing venue and group of people involved, and are so excited to showcase some other great businesses whilst we're at it too.

If you need some inspiration for old hallows eve, check back here or follow us on Instagram on Friday when our special shoot will take place!

See you again soon!

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