What's your definition of a Mother?

As Mama Panda, I have my own definition and story about how our Three Little Pandas’ Mother is Love collection came to fruition but before delving into it, I decided to ask a few special mothers what their take on being a mum is.

Tissues at the ready! It’s about to get emotional..

“A mother is not only a parent, but is someone that nurtures and looks after anyone around them, whether it be family or not. A person that encourages and supports your life goals and dreams, your shoulder to cry on, your adviser, your friend.
Being a mother to my 2 ½ year old daughter, Lara, is truly a blessing. I feel that motherhood comes natural to me and it is more of a life adventure with a sidekick rather than a responsibility. I am constantly reminded of how amazing it is how human beings are created and I am a part of my little munchkin for life. The experiences you face as a mother is an unexplainable, overwhelming feeling (constantly an emotional rollercoaster!) but the love that pours as a result is worth it. I am Sarah, I am mom, and I absolutely love it. ❤️”

“A definition of a mum to me, and this is probably more to my circumstances than all mothers, is being a best friend, a teacher, the bad guy (aka discipliner), a clown at times, the protector and the worrier (or rather I’d prefer to be the warrior). Being a mum for the last 16 months has been the hardest test in life so far but also the most rewarding. Seeing my little girl develop is an amazing experience and she has taught me so much in such a short time. She amazes me every day, even those days when she’s been a little brat, so practically 5 times a day, every day.”

“Being a mum to me personally is something I find very challenging, But for every challenge and struggle I get so much more back in return from 3 children, They have filled my life with love warmth and laughter. I am on a constant learning curve and will be for the rest of my life as I watch my children grow and flourish!! From the moment I first became a mum I was consumed with a love that I never thought was possible, a love that has also helped me understand my own mothers love for myself and that love has a whole different meaning, a meaning that only a parent could understand. For me Mother definitely is love ❤️”

“Becoming a mum has shaped me into the person I never imagined I would become. It took becoming a mum myself to make me realise what motherhood truly means. It means quietly crying alone in a room so that you can be the strong one when your child needs it most, even as your heart breaks. It means, joy, trust, forgiveness, responsibility, selflessness and so much love! Watching your heart walking outside of your body. It’s a bond that can never be broken. Who knew something so little could bring so much happiness into someone’s life! Though it’s terrifying at times, it’s also beautiful and I’d do it all over again”

Has your heart melted? I know ours has! Thank you so much to Sarah, Michelle, Frankie and Zeyril for taking the time in opening up and sharing your personal journey with us.

You all look lovely in your Mother is Love pieces and we hope you continue to wear them with pride!

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