Christmas Shopping with TLP-Part 3

It’s the third and final part of our Christmas Gift Guide series and with Christmas now a little over a week away, we hope you’re all prepared or have an idea of what to get for those remaining on your list of loved ones! – if you haven’t, fear not and read on!

For the Adults

1. Made by Coopers – For Complete Balance

Based in Brighton and available online, Made by Coopers is the perfect provider of modern apothecary, crafting organic products that not only nourish your skin but help bring balance to the soul.

Mama Panda has a lot of trouble when it comes to sleeping so when we came across Made by Coopers last year, it was a no brainer that the first item to try would be the ‘Sleepy Head pillow mist’. To this day it is a bedside table must-have at the TLP residence – it really does work wonders for sleeping difficulties with its natural ingredients and soothing lavender scent.

Over the past year, Made by Coopers have launched a variety of organic products that fit beautifully into the healthy well-being lifestyle.

Papa Panda loves his bubble baths and candles (yes, you read correctly, we said Papa Panda), so we already know what to get him – Vanilla Rose Bath Salt Blend and Awaken Aromatherapy Soy Candle of course…

Mama Panda on the other hand, although particularly keen on the entire “Calm Range” says the Rose Divine Hydrating Face Mist is on her Birthday wish list (21/12 if you’re asking!) and Comforting Face & Body Oil for Christmas!

With many gift sets and kits to choose from and the option to buy each product separately you will surely be spoilt for choice so head over to and be sure to quote TLP30 for 30% off your order. – Merry Christmas!

Sleepy Head &– Room & Pillow Spray Mist: £15

Vanilla Rose Bath Salt Blend: From £5

Awaken Aromatherapy Soy Candle: £22

2. My Paper Tote – Stylish, Ethical, Vegan, Sustainable

Bags, Storage and Accessories made of FSC Certified Paper that are completely machine washable? What magic is this?

My Paper Tote presents a gorgeous selection of unique, washable paper gifts that we think are fitting in it’s aesthetic for the Christmas period and well after!

Rose gold, silver, black? Which colour and what item will you go for? Let us know!

Visit and quote GIFT at checkout for 30% off your order with all the shine included!

My Complete Paper Collection Rose Gold: £29.99

Metallic Paper Clutch: £9.99

Metallic Paper Card Holder: £4.99

3. Spacemasks - Great for anyone who’s tired!

Mama and Papa Panda feel tired more often than not and with the juggle of work and kids, sometimes it can be a challenge to remember how important winding down before bed actually is to ensure a decent night’s sleep.

When we first tried Spacemasks we found the experience out of this world! (*pun totally intended.) Get ready to upgrade “relaxed”.

At £15 for a box of 5 we think this would make the perfect gift for any adult. Alternatively, share a box and offer them to each member of the family this Christmas and enjoy the calming vibes together – that’s totally what we’ll be doing this year.

Visit and until Thursday 20th receive 6 boxes for the price of 5. – Enjoy!

Spacemasks: £15 for a box of 5 masks

4. Ashare Designs – Key Rings

Personalised Key Rings for each member of the family!

We all have keys. Sometimes we forget them at home when we’re in a rush, sometimes we get muddled up and pick up the wrong ones – all an additional feature to the wonderful life of adulthood. Ashare Designs creates bespoke items included but not limited to Key Rings that we love and adds a personal touch to.

Visit to learn/view more bearing in mind that custom orders and commissions are very much welcome! Also quote NEW10 for a cheeky 10% off your order!

Single Sided Key Ring: £5

Double Sided Key Ring: £7

5. Doodlemoo – Not just for Christmas

There’s no such thing as “having too many Christmas decorations” - that’s what we think anyway, what about you?

If you’re in agreement and you, like the Panda Family, appreciate the monochrome look but are drawn to happy colours and playful designs then Doodlemoo is a must stop shop.

Not only do they offer a variety of gorgeous artworks and prints, this Christmas they are offering a selection of decorative ornaments too.

Visit to enter the playful world of Doodlemoo.

JOY Acrylic Bauble: £9

You’re So Cool Art Print: From £18

Aloha Tropical Art Print: From £19

6. Otiumberg - Ooh la Jewellery!

Sustainable jewellery with strong ethics in mind, Otiumberg is a brand that takes pride in giving their customers the best experience.

When Mama Panda was on the hunt for a new “Huggie” for her piercing, Papa quickly found out that “shopping for/with women” isn’t that boring or a drag after all – or at least it doesn’t have to be and definitely wasn’t on this occasion thanks to the chilled out yet helpful and informative vibe Otiumberg’s team provided us when visiting their Studio in West London.

In saying this, the only issue Papa had to deal with was getting Mama Panda to say goodbye to their stunning collection of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Oh, and did we mention that they also make jewellery for men too? – Visit to see the full range and Cheers to a bit of sparkle this Christmas!

Yellow Gold Diamond Huggie Hoop: £185

Pearl Bamboo Ring: £110

Crescent Necklace: £95

Men’s Oval Pendant Necklace: £130

7. Love Boo Shop – Gifts for Mums and Mums to be!

Where to start? Growing a human can take its toll on a woman’s body and mind but Love Boo have thoughtfully created a range of products perfect for mum and babe.

We can honestly say the Marvellous Mummy Kit is a winner, containing a Miracle Oil to fight stretchmarks and uneven skin tone, a Bath Soak to sooth itchy tums, Body Wash to cleanse and soothe skin and a Body Smoother to moisturise areas that need a little more TLC. Fairly priced at £24.99, if you visit over the Christmas period you could snap up this kit for just £19.99!

Another firm favourite has got to be the Luxury Mummy Spa Kit. In it you will find a Silky Soft Body Wash, Super Stretchy Miracle Oil, Bosom Buddy. Originally priced at £39.99, currently you can bag it for £31.99!

With a range of kits and gift packages to choose from, it’s always nice to have the option to buy items separately and at Love Boo you can do as so. Perfect gift as a stocking filler too!

Marvellous Mummy Kit: Currently £19.99

Luxury Mummy Spa Kit: Currently £31.99

Congratulations Mummy Kit: Currently £29.59

8. Goodordering – Good Backpacks

If you’ve read our previous entry to the Three Little Pandas Christmas Gift Guide series (For the Kids), you would have learnt that Mama Panda is a firm fan of Goodordering.

The passion for this East London Accessories Company is massive and infectious to the point that picky Papa Panda has clearly pointed out which he wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift – The Monochrome Rolltop Backpack Pannier in black!

Mama Panda currently has the 3 in 1 Market Shopper (in black and white of course) and admits that its convertible features make it both aesthetically pleasing but extremely practical.

Head over to to view more and enjoy!

Monochrome Rolltop Backpack Pannier Black: £90

3 in 1 Market Shopper: Convertible Backpack Pannier Cycling Bag: From £75


and that’s a GIFT-WRAP for our three-part series and shopping experience with Three Little Pandas.

Please feel free to scroll back and visit our previous gift guide entries for Babies and Kids.

Although we’ve been around for just over 2 years, this is the first year that we’ve decided to share what items are on our Christmas list and the reasons as to why.

As an independent brand ourselves, we like to support our own and by shopping with any of the brands that we have mentioned, you are supporting not only their business but making a conscious decision to support their livelihood whilst benefiting from the purchase of thoughtfully made products with ethical values.

We hope you have enjoyed!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and

Happy Holidays!

All our Love,

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