Balling on a Budget: Wedding Planning - Pt 3

For the third and final instalment of our wedding vendor series of blogs, Papa Panda will take the keyboard.

For most people, getting married to the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with is a day to be treasured and remembered. Yes, you can watch another person’s cinematic wedding video or look at their flawless photographs, but your own will always mean and resonate more with you, even if they were just shot on an iPhone.

Let’s go through the last of our vendors..


Our frozen moments of the day were captured by the talented Ari and Natasha. Whilst these two friends do not normally shoot weddings let alone shoot together, they are both very talented and have unique, individual street photography styles.

Initially, Rufina asked Ari to photograph our wedding to which she politely declined but recommended her good friend Natasha who it turns out had previously shot Ari’s own wedding. A talented photographer who recommends the photographer who photographed her own wedding? We were sold.

(Above photos by Natasha)

Ari did say that she would bring along her camera to capture some candids during the reception. However, when the day finally came, she shadowed Natasha (whom I don’t think missed a single angle!) and together they covered the church service, Bride and Groom photos and the receptions. In the end, having two sets of photos from two perspectives was like watching a movie from the eyes of two different characters, a very pleasant surprise!

(Above photos by Ari)

Having caught up afterwards, we were told that the two of them were dabbling with the idea of shooting more weddings together to which Mama Panda and I both endorse, and should you adore their whimsical styles like we do, reach out and we’ll put you in contact with them!


Being an enthusiast/part-time videographer myself, this was going to be the vendor that made my belly turn with nerves.

Rufina had worked with Shaun previously to produce promotional content for Burt & Gurt jewellery (who were kind enough to produce our wedding bands). Initially, when Rufina and I had spoken about having the wedding filmed, our two concerns were the standard rates of wedding videography considering we were on a tight budget and the fact that I’m very particular with how I like to shoot videos. Anyway, she was having a conversation with Shaun who asked her if we were having the wedding filmed and when she explained our financial situation, he insisted on filming it for us at an affordable rate.

Initially, I was apprehensive as we both have very different styles of videography and placing my trust in someone who has a distinctly different style was a bitter pill to swallow but after meeting him to go over itineraries, shot lists and generally just get to know each other, I knew I was in good hands (although still nervous lol).

On the day, Shaun was extremely organised, adapting to itinerary mis-haps and ensuring he captured every important moment. He was very professional whilst maintaining a calming demeanour. I was still nervous though.

When Rufina finally received the wedding video, she forwarded me the link (I was at work), started watching it, started crying, then stopped it and deleted the link she sent me before I could watch it so that we could watch it together.

We watched it together when I got home. She cried, I welled up (didn’t cry though lol). It was then that I realised what his true style was. Yes, you can have shiny, cinematic wedding videos with silky smooth transitions and slow motion moments, but what it really comes down to is did your videographer capture and re-project back to you the raw emotion and love in the atmosphere on the day in a way that you can look back on and remember exactly how every moment was and felt?

Shaun did that for us.

Need an up and coming wedding videographer? Hit us up and we’ll put you in contact.


Our hosts for the wedding reception were none other than our good friends Adrian and Chavie. Chavie also turned up early in the morning to help circumvent the chaos that ensued at my home prior to the wedding. What an absolute darling!

Left to right: Chavie, Emil, Rufina, Adrian

It was a no-brainier for us to ask these two to host for us as their chemistry, wit and sass are akin to the cast of Friends squeezed into two people. Yes, it sounds like a mess but trust me, it works.

I’m not sure if they would take more hosting bookings but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.. ;)


Being known for being a trainer enthusiast, the most common question that I was asked prior to the wedding was what was I going to wear on the day on my feet?

I did dabble with the thought of wearing trainers on the day, but this day wasn’t about just me, it was about us and so I wanted to wear something that would complement what not just I was wearing but my beautiful bride to be was wearing to.

A friend of mine at Dr Martens kindly offered to sort my footwear for the day. But not just any Dr Martens - I was to still wear some hype in the form of the Hender Scheme 1461 collab. Worked with the suit, worked with the dress. Nice!

Rufina also received the Undercover 1460 collab which she changed out to at the wedding reception. Sometimes we like to go against the conventional norm and on the day, I think this was our way doing so.

Can you wear Dr Martens with a suit on your wedding day? Yes you bloody can! Huge thank you to Jamal and the good folks at Dr Martens for making sure our feet looked badass on the day.

Closing our series of throwing a wedding on a budget, there are many different ways to host a wedding but in our situation, we knew that we wanted to get married sooner rather than later so set a date and worked towards it. The truth is that if I was in charge of the operation, it would have fallen apart faster than an umbrella made out of toilet paper in the rain. It was Mama Panda’s planning, organisation and imagination that brought the whole thing together.

Planning a wedding let alone a wedding on a budget is no easy feat but if you’re determined, you can do it!

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