Balling on a Budget: Wedding Planning - Pt 2

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

We have this saying at the TLP residence that “your presence means more to us than a present”. For us, creating memories with loved ones is what matters most but when it comes to extra special celebrations that need a cherry on top, I (Mama Panda) normally DIY it on the party favour front – it’s something that I enjoy doing and that I’ll admit I’m pretty good at it too! On this occasion, we had already decided it was to be a candle that we wanted our family and friends to take away with them to represent “lighting the way to a new journey together”. Cheesy right? We love cheese!

Tea Light Favours: @atria_fragrance

Through the awesome world of social media, I met Gemma @atria_decor who introduced Lisa @atria_fragrance. Both specialise in different parts of the Empire that is ATRIA!

We’ve bought from them in the past (Papa Panda aka Emil) believe it or not is a massive candle enthusiast. My anxiety goes through the roof when he has a bath.

Being our own wedding, we decided to outsource whatever tasks we could within reasonable budget. Lisa guided us throughout our candle needs for the wedding and gave us an impressive list of fragrances that we didn’t even realise you could create a candle with! In the end, we decided to go with a set scented with Tom Ford and another set of tiger lily and rainwater. I got mad at Emil for trying to hide a bunch of them to keep for himself.

Lisa even personalised the text on the packaging to suit our theme #winning!

Like I said in our previous post – Balling on a Budget: Wedding Planning - pt 1.. It’s the little things that add up to the big things, and it was nice to be able to provide a meaningful gift that everyone could enjoy. P.s the feedback on these were amazing Lisa and Gemma – thank you so much for being a part of our special day!

Florist: @stemsfloral

Stems Floral Design is one of our local florists. When we initially started looking for wedding florists, we were advised to shop around and get quotes from at least 3 places. We did this and although all were lovely in their own unique ways, it was as if fate brought us to Janet and Charlotte as we couldn’t have been happier with the customer service received, how beautiful our flowers came out and how personalised and well suited to our “vintage, rustic, could be in a barn but isn’t in a barn, but in the middle of London wedding style theme”.

When we explained to Janet and Charlotte our rustic theme, they came up with the idea of holding the flowers in wooden crates rather than a bowl. This worked out amazingly as we were able to make good use of the stunning arrangements and bring the larger arrangements to our reception afterwards.

After sending some inspo shots of what we had in mind they took the stress out of choosing the flowers and arrangements for bouquets and buttonholes ensuring they complimented the dresses and theme perfectly.

The arrangements fit so well into our overall theme Thank you so much Stems! We will most definitely be back again.

NOTE: Their selection of flowers and plants are out of this world. Fit for every occasion! – See you soon lovely ladies for our cactus (Benji says) and another ficus (Emil says).

Wedding Stylist: @kiwiinspiration

Left to right: Maria (@kamikobakes), Groom Emil! Bride Rufina, Kylie (@kiwiinspiration), #TheBenji

Again, I met Kylie of Kiwi Inspiration through social media. Her dreamy posts of weddings that she had personally styled were what grabbed our attention. I hopped onto her website to get a better idea of what services she provides where I found the variety of packages available to choose from which made life so much easier.

As Emil and I had pretty much figured out how we wanted our day to look and had most decorational stuff sorted, it was literally a case of being able to find someone who could piece it all together on the day.

Kylie was kind enough to not only do this for us but support us throughout the planning process. It’s very easy to miss things out which we soon realised during our initial consultation with her!

It was a pleasure working with Kylie, speaking from her own experience (she’s married and shared with us photos from her own special day) and having styled many weddings for other couples, we knew we could trust her to make our day run as smooth as possible on the décor front. We are more than thankful to her – cheers new friend for life. Haha.

Backdrops and Table Décor: @lamesa.decor

Dharlene and I used to be in a dance group together when we were younger – that’s right, Mama Panda used to dance. But this wasn’t how we first met. The Filipino community is very close-knit and we used to see each other at different events etc. (who remembers Miss young, and Miss Philippines days? lol). However, since becoming mothers and our dancing days now being a distant memory (hey Dhar, shall we try going to a dance class again? *winks), and although not being able to stay in touch as often, it’s so heart-warming when we do get to reconnect as it feels like no time has passed – don’t you just love those type of friendships?...

Our cake/cupcake table set-up for our evening cocktail party

A loyal, caring and supportive friend, we have always admired Dharlene as a woman, mother and business owner. She created her business Lamesa décor – specialising in unique and creative cake table set-ups, but offering a wide range of innovative venue and event styling services. Need any extras to go with your celebration? She can even make party favours and personalised items to suit whatever your theme/occasion! – Seriously! She’s done two of Benjamin’s birthdays – a Whimsical First birthday motif and a My Neighbour Totoro theme for his second birthday!

We feel so blessed and honoured that she has worked with us on now 3 milestone occasions…

Oh, and did we mention she dressed BOTH our day and evening venues? #legend.

With a keen eye and attention to detail, we sent Dharlene a few inspirational shots of our wedding theme. She brought our ideas to a whole ‘nother level. As you can see from the photos our beautiful, rustic theme and colours complement each other brilliantly.

Last Photo of the evening with Sophia, Jasmine and Dharlene

Special thank you to you Dharlene, Jasmine and Sophia. Team Lamesa foreverrr! #iwonderwhatthenextcelebrationwillbe!

Now let’s talk hair and make up!

Hair Stylist: @abi.igz

My relationship with Abigail is a strange one in that we call each other sis when in fact she’s technically my aunt (Her aunt married to my mum’s uncle – get it? Pretty cool). We both became young mums just months apart with our sons growing up together, it’s been a ride! – a good one!

RIDICULOUSLY talented and working in the beauty industry, Abi was the first and only person I wanted to do me the honour. Not only did she style my hair in the morning, she stuck by me for the day making sure my bonnet was always on point.

She also switched up my look to a more romantic down curl for our evening cocktail party which I still swoon over!

If you ever need a reliable hair-stylist, Abigail is your lady – you can check out her awesome portfolio via her professional Instagram profile here.

Make Up Artist: @arepitas.x

Where to start?

When we decided to get married, I think it’s safe to say that Emil and I already had an idea of who we wanted to be part of our Bride Tribe and The Groomies.

It just so happened that our Bride Tribe and Groomies are a multi-talented bunch! With Michelle already on the stationery front, Ana was on making me look and feel like a princess for the day duty. And boy did she really do that! Transforming this Mama Panda (real one with eye bags) into a not bad and pretty decent looking bride!

I could say Thank you to Ana for making me look and feel pretty throughout our special day but really, it’s a thank you for years of making me feel that way even when not painting my face. A dedicated friend, seeing me through some hard decisions and supporting me through difficult times I think we all need an Ana in our lives. Lol.

If only she knew how much of an impact she’s really had on our lives *heart.

PS. You know you picked a good one when she feeds you once you step out the church. #bridesmaidduties #thebridemustbefed #greggsonyourweddingday LOL

(PPS. This post was NOT sponsored by Greggs but should they think we are deserving of complimentary vegan rolls, we would kindly accept *wink)

Bridesmaid & Grooms family Make Up Artist: @just_avy

I’m sure you’re starting to catch a pattern in this blog, Emil and I seem to have a lot of creative friends who ooze talent.

Working in the beauty industry whilst raising her 2 sons, Avon is an inspiring woman who juggles work and family like a piece of cake (– ooh cake! Maria, where are you?) and if not, makes it look so!

With a group of bridesmaids who are familiar with doing their own make up there were a couple as well as Emil’s mother and eldest daughter who preferred someone with more experience to paint their faces. Avon was the perfect person for the job.

Arriving early in the morning, she like Ana made our ladies feel even more beautiful. Note, with or without make up they are stunning anyway and as you can see, we decided to go with a more natural, elegant and subtle look for everyone. As some say and what I agree, make up isn’t to change the way you look but accentuate your features.

If you’d like to book Avon (highly recommend) you can find her on Instagram @just_avy

Veil: @houseoftammam

Lucy is the founder and owner of a sustainable couturier a stone’s throw away from Kings Cross and Bloomsbury, Atelier Tammam. To describe it as a beautiful boutique with a meaningful message is an understatement.

I met Lucy through our children’s school and boy were we lucky to have done so.

Throughout my experience of finding my dress (and I tried a fair few from different places) I must admit the price tags on many were a knock to my confidence. As you know from the title of our previous blog “balling on a budget”, finance was a very tricky one for us with planning this wedding and I genuinely felt like I wasn’t going to be able to find a dress good enough to make my Husband cry out of happiness (for once).

Thankfully Lucy helped me get that confidence back and for this I am forever appreciative. She has a calming demeanour that is so infectious - I LOVE being around her! SO passionate in her work, I found myself motivated and excited each time I left her Boutique.

My sister helped me choose a dress elsewhere but we both felt it was missing something. Lucy added some vintage buttons to cinch in my slightly loose sleeves (great as it doubled up as my “something old”) and adjusted the dress to fit my form better.

She created a simple yet beautiful veil which contributed to looking more of a bride.

To find out more about Lucy and her work please visit @houseoftammam Ps. Her current project that is “the one dress” is absolutely amazing.


singing people’s praises who really deserve it really smashes into your word

count but even then, I don’t think I’ve done enough justice for all of our vendors mentioned so far. The third and final part of our wedding supplier series will cover our MC’s, photographers and videographers.

Thanks for sticking with our wedding blogs and in the meantime, if there’s anything you would like me or the hubby to write about, do let us know via DM on the Instagram a @threelittpandas.tlp

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