Back to SCHOOL! (I mean work!)

Well didn’t the summer holidays just whiz by?

The #PandaFamily have had a ball!

Shayne and Sienna spent the first half of their holibobs with their Dad and his family in Canada (their first big trip overseas with him – without me) and they came back with huge smiles and many stories to tell! Although I missed them a lot and was feeling a bit anxious about it during the run up to them leaving - I can’t express how happy I am that they had such a great time… I mean Canada… come on, how brilliant is that?!

During that period of them being away I tried to take things a little bit more easy with our youngest “Panda” Benji (– as you may know from reading my previous entry I’ve been feeling exhausted quite often and felt that I needed to take some time to rest from overworking my body and brain from the “episodes” I’ve been having).

He missed his big bro and sis a lot though (which was hard to deal with) but found that distraction was key and so we kept each other both busy and entertained by having little outings and visiting family and friends here in London that during school time we would otherwise find difficult to find the opportunity to catch up with. – it was FAB.

Those 3 weeks flew by and soon enough the Pandas were reunited! Papa @theuncooldad and I decided to celebrate our “reunion” by making a trip to Peterborough and met up with long-time friends and their kids. It was so refreshing being out of “the Big Smoke” and when we returned home decided we’d book a trip to visit my Nana dearest in Torquay, Devon.

Panda Family say cheese! By Torquay seafront.

Myself and the kids went ahead with my Parents as Emil still had work but he soon joined us and we had a brilliant time there too. OH EM GEE. We went out EVERY SINGLE day we were out there for (9 sleeps). You might think that sounds like nothing, I mean, what normal human being doesn’t go out every day? But I guess that’s what makes me recognise how severe my “condition” can get sometimes because back home in London I can go days without stepping foot out of the house (--EEK!).


it was a massive accomplishment for me and I have to admit it’s been the best summer holiday I’ve had without going abroad to date.

Torquay, or Devon in fact is so underrated!

I’ll have to do a separate entry of our top 5 places to visit or something to that notion because we explored and went to places that 1. We never went to before and thoroughly enjoyed and 2. BOTH the kids and us adults had a wicked time – and that’s no easy feat!

Our Three Little Pandas infront of a fabulous wall at Paignton Zoo

The kids are now unfortunately back to school – I say unfortunately because I do NOT MISS doing 2 lots of morning school runs and 2 lots of school pick ups (Benji is still on half days at nursery and in a different school to his siblings) BUT having said that, I do enjoy the 2 hours I have to spare each morning once the kids are dropped off, to be alone in peace, to recollect my thoughts and you guessed it… squeeze in housework and some work!

I know it’s tough to stay positive all the time. I do feel like life is such a rollercoaster BUT...

… I must admit I am so glad that I have got myself into the mental state of accepting things for what they are and just “rolling with it”. Life is what you make it after all and although life likes to throw curve balls I do believe – for fear of sounding preachy – you can make good out of most situations if you put your mind to it.

I sincerely hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer break and wish you well for the months to come! (YIKES, just over 3 months til the new year!)

I shall leave you with an affirmation I’ve been leaning on a lot lately too :) …

*strong arm emoji

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Til next time

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