Three Little Pandas is a family focused lifestyle brand based in London.

We like products that are kind to people and the environment. Do you?.

Of course you do!

In our Online Ethical Gift Shop you will find gifts and lifestyle products, many of which we have personally tried and tested ourselves, making gift-giving a thoughtful process not only to the receiver but to the person making them too. 

Our BLOG also introduces sustainable brands to encourage a more conscious approach to shopping.


What's that?

You like relatable, real life experiences as bringer-uppers of Little Pandas and winging adulthood? Boom, also in the blog. 

Take a look about, we hope you'll stick around!



meet the panda family
the three real little pandas

The inspiration behind the brand - Here is Shayne and Sienna looking pretty chuffed posing for their first photo with their baby brother Benji. 

(photo taken in 2014)

papa panda

EMIL - @theuncooldad / @millzgp

Sneaker addict and usually found with some type of gadget in hand - Emil is Father to the #TheBenji, Bonus-Dad to Shayne and Sienna, partner to Mama Panda and sometimes sends off your parcels.

mama panda

RUFINA - @finz_g

With a passion for all things creative be it art, food, fashion, dance or food - Rufina is the founder of Three Little Pandas and more importantly Mother to The Pandas.

She loves to support small businesses and thanks you for supporting hers :)

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