Princess Panda Canvas art
Mothe is Love Gold Bamboo Jewellery neckalce

We are so excited to introduce our Little Panda embroidered range for kids! After a long hiatus from producing our own garments, our happy Little Panda friend returns firstly on premium, sustainable cotton-blend sweatshirts. Currently available in Grey (as seen in photo) and Black. 

Meet Princess Panda - our muse for female empowerment. Designed by Caroll Lynn and exclusive to TLP - currently available as a wall canvas, keep an eye out for our future collections featuring our playful, graceful and powerful panda - inspired by our very own daughter Sienna!

"Mother Is Love" is a collection that pays homage to the driving force behind motherhood. Included in this range is our gold plated with emerald green gemstone set in the perfect rub over bamboo leaf (one of Team Panda's signatures) with the words "Mother is Love" engraved on the reverse of the pendant.

Skin Drink - Coconut Oil Moisturiser - 100ml (Travel)



With strong ethics towards people and the environment, Three Little Pandas started as a children's lifestyle brand founded in 2016 by London-based mum Rufina, and specialising in their own uniquely designed organic cotton tees and products (see SHOP/GALLERY).

As our brand direction has evolved so has our website to express more of who we are and what we love...

Ethically sourced items, family gift-giving, talking about real life stuff (#StuffWeLove) and unashamedly dancing to 80s music!

This is the home of #ThreeLittlePandas and #MotherisLove, WELCOME to our journey.


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